About us

Who We Are

International Fintech was founded based on a unique model: to serve as a one-stop shop that synthesizes technology, regulation, banking, compliance, technology, marketing and expertise.

Our Values

After 10 years of extensive research in the Fintech sector, we realized that the world of Fintech is growing, changing and expanding on a weekly basis. The “industry standard processes” are becoming obsolete.

Our goal is to offer new and expanding Fintech businesses any consulting or development service that they might need. This saves businesses from complexity, confusion and unnecessary expenses.

Our Team

International Fintech has brought together a team of experts from a multitude of fields. Each veteran brings years of relevant experience, as well as open-mindedness and flexibility to face the transient dynamics of the Fintech ecosystem. We strive to maintain a hard-earned reputation for excellent relationships with both customers and partners.

Above all, we strive to provide our customers:

  • Complete relational transparency
  • Professionalism and responsiveness in all interactions
  • Efficiency that demonstrates the value of your time
Our Offices

International Fintech headquarters is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, with its research and development team based out of Tel Aviv.